Glow and Office 365 Training

I attended the first of 6 training sessions for Renfrewshire teachers with Jay Smith, Development Officer for ICT.  The content was Office 365, OneNote and OneNote Class Creator.  In true school ICT suite fashion, the WiFi was unbearably slow and the system wouldn’t allow us to get into Class Creator – even worse than this, there were no refreshments provided and we had to make our own tea and biscuits!!!

I met Ian Stuart who has been seconded by Education Scotland to oversee Glow.  Ian and I had several Yammer chats over the Christmas holidays.  While we were supposedly off work, Ian was helping me to set up a Class OneNote!  So it was lovely meeting my 1-1 Glow Expert face to face.


I came away very enthused and the very next day I set about improving my school Glow site and created 2 Sharepoint sites for 2 classes I teach ICT to.  I added a project and deadline date to the task bar.  The class are going to create a shared PowerPoint on their topic.  For P3/4 this is Scotland and for P5/6 it is Mary Queen of Scots.  I invited the pupils in each class to the shared PowerPoint by Glow mail.  I also added a few photographs from our Scottish afternoon when Dougie MacLean (yes the very one who wrote and sang Caledonia!) visited our school.

It is a holiday weekend now for our pupils, however I have noticed the P3/4 class working away on their PowerPoint from their homes tonight.  I love to see motivated learners.  Instead of relaxing, playing Xbox or watching TV, some 7 and 8 year old children are WANTING to do their voluntary homework.  Jay Smith did say that Education Scotland might be sending in cameras on 6th March, the last day of Digital Scotland Week, to see the pupils working on SharePoint sites.  So I reckon these children are hoping for another moment of fame (Dougie MacLean gave us a taste of stardom!) I might also throw in a wee bit of Kodu, XGames and Kinect Games if the cameras are in!


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