National Digital Learning Week 2-6 March

What a great initiative to get people across Scotland excited about new technologies and to give something new a go!  At Lochfield we kicked off the week with all pupils in the school thinking about the internet; the benefits and the safety issues.  We then created our very own school internet safety video.  It is clear that our pupils use the internet mainly as a means of communication and also of learning.  Most popular sites with our young people are Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat and Minecraft.  Pupils saw one of the main advantages of the internet being as a way to communicate with people they don’t see often, e.g. Skype and Facetime.  It made me realise again how much our pupils know and use technology and how it’s second nature to them.

My class took part in a Digital Storytelling opportunity via Glow.  This was using Office 365 shared online Word document to create one story with lots of schools across Scotland, which tied in nicely with World Book Day today, 5th March.  Each school signed up for an hour slot at some point this week and during their slot, they wrote the next chapter of the story.  Theresa Breslin, a children’s author, gave us a story starter and we have loved watching the story unfold throughout the week.  Lochfield Primary wrote chapter 5! We are very excited to find out how the story ends tomorrow.

Here are some photos of my class brainstorming and writing up our chapter on Wednesday morning.

Digital StorytellingSubstandardFullSizeRender

I have been working with 2 classes in the school on Glow and tomorrow Education Scotland are coming in to visit (with cameras!!) to find out what the children have been learning.  They have been using Office 365 Outlook and SharePoint Sites.  We have created a class SharePoint site where we have newsfeed discussions about our learning, and links to our class OneNote and shared PowerPoint presentation. Here is a screenshot of my class SharePoint Site.

Screenshot (15)

The pupils have loved being able to work on a topic related class PowerPoint. They love that they can work from the comfort of their own homes, yet it all syncs together.  We also love the comments tool.  While they work at home, often at weekends and even holidays, I can leave quality feedback for them on their slides.  This means they no longer need to wait until the next ICT lesson in school to get teacher feedback on work.  The children have also been commenting on each others’ slides and this is brilliant for peer assessment and evidence.

Each teacher has to make a pledge at the end of Digital Learning week, something new they plan to take forward.  For me it will be OneNote Class Creator.


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