Mystery Skpe in the Classroom June 8th 2015

Today I participated in a Mystery Skype in the Classroom with a school in Montpellier.  I connected with the teacher from this school via the Microsoft E2 Global Conference in Seattle.  His class are starting to learn English and mine are starting to learn French.  As part of the Glow 1+2 challenge, I thought this would make a fantastic digital French lesson.  It is also a great geography lesson, so it is an interdisciplinary project.

I put the pupils into groups with a role.  This included ‘greeter’ ‘speakers’ ‘maps’ ‘question translators’ ‘recorders’ and ‘photographer’.  We had been researching and practising for over a week for the call.

At 9.30am, the agreed time, we connected to the other school via Skype.  Each school asked a question, we asked in French and they asked in English.  The questions were to be the kind that could only be answered with ‘yes’ or ‘no’.  After about 5 questions, we correctly guessed the other school lived in Montpellier.  A few more questions later they found out we lived in Paisley.  We then allowed the schools to ask each other some questions about Montpellier / France and Paisley / Scotland.

The pupils loved this experience.  It really brought learning French to life for them and gave it a real life context.  This is just the start of a partnership between these two schools and we hope to build on it next session.

Here are some photos of our group roles.



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