Teachmeet Glasgow 2nd June 2015

I attended a Teachmeet, sponsored by Microsoft and organised by Ian Stuart, at Citizen M hotel in Glasgow.  I presented on xGames and Sway.  I thought an interesting way to show people how fantastic and easy Sway is as a presentation tool would be to create a Sway of the event.  So as the others presented on various topics, I took photographs and videos, added in some of the tweets as they were appearing and captured their screenshots.  You can see my completed Sway here.


Some of the other topics presented which I enjoyed included Digital Leaders, Office Mix, Kahoot, Skype in the Classroom and Scratch.  I was most enthusiastic about the Skype presentation as I was about to try this with my class and a class in France the following week, so it was great to get some tips from Annette Yifrati.

Microsoft generously provided a free bar and pizza which was great and an opportunity to network and meet other colleagues.  If you have never been to a Teechmeet before, I strongly recommend it.  Each presentation only lasts 2-7 minutes and it gives you a glimpse into some of the fantastic things happening in education.



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